Chile, the mystical land at the end of the world.

A small but mighty country located at the bottom of South America.

It is top 5 among the best adventure travel destinations in the world. It has been awarded the "World's leading adventure travel destination" in the World Travel Awards (the Oscars of tourism), not 1, not 2, but 6 times!

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So what if rather than spending your savings on one day in one party, you spend it traveling through raw majestic landscapes, and then in front of the most epic mountain, a Moai, or a surface that looks like a foreign planet; you promise each other love?….

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Patagonia elopement

Adventure Elopements,

the new way to get hitched

Adventure Elopements,

the new way to get hitched

North: Atacama

The north has the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world, with the clearest skies, and landscapes that mimic the surface of planet Mars.

Easter Island

A plane away from the continent, almost lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a Polynesian island full of mystery.

The Rapanui island, which in the local language means "The belly button of the world" is home to the giant rock statues called Moai.

South: Patagonia

The Southern part is most known for the Patagonia landscapes. Patagonia is a geographical area encompassing the most southern part of Argentina and Chile.

When comes Chilean Patagonia, its most distinctive feature is Torres del Paine National Park, where you can hike through primitive walking trails in one of the most breathtaking places on the planet.

Eloping in Chile with Sandrachile

As both, a native Chilean and a seasoned wedding photographer in the United States, Sandra specializes in adventure elopements through Chile.

from November through April, on mainly three areas: Patagonia, Easter Island, and Atacama (San Pedro).

With my knowledge of both, Chilean culture and North American weddings, I will be happy to help you plan your adventurous escape in one of the most majestic and southern areas of the world.


Since each adventure is a custom experience, Adventure Elopements must be priced on an individual basis.

The base price for your Adventure is $2500, but ultimately, the final cost will depend on the location of your vow exchange.

Adventure elopements are offered in Atacama, Patagonia, and Rapanui (aka Easter Island).

Start the journey

Whether you are set on eloping in Chile, or you are just starting to consider it, get in touch, and let's talk about it. I'll be happy to give you some guidance on what it would mean for a trip like this (cost included).