Chile, the mystical land at the end of the world...

A small but mighty country located at the bottom of South America.
Among the top 5 best adventure travel destinations in the world.
Awarded the "World's leading adventure travel destination" in the World Travel Awards (the Oscars of Tourism), not 1, not 2, but 6 times!

Now hear me out, what if

rather than spending your savings on one party, you spend it traveling through the raw majestic landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia, and right in front of the most epic mountain, you promise each other love?

patagonia elopement


the new way to get hitched.


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As weddings have become more and more expensive through the years, our priorities have shifted as well.

This is why adventure elopements are the new way to get hitched, because if you are going to spend a ton of money, you may as well be doing something that you love, like making epic memories with the person who loves you the most.

Hi there, I'm Sandra!

Let's ditch the wedding industry together!

"She was always weird, a little bit of a misfit."

That's probably what any of my colleagues would tell you if you asked them about me because, for the last 12 years, Sandra was always trying to make the wedding industry a little less like the wedding industry, always encouraging couples to strive for less stuff and more meaning.

But it wasn't until after the pandemic that I realized it was time for me to focus on a path that allowed me to tell couples to ditch the wedding industry altogether, and what started as a suggestion to be more conscious, is now an invitation to join me on this journey of intention and love.

patagonia photographer
Patagonia elopements


As both, a native Chilean and a seasoned wedding photographer in the United States, Sandra will be an essential asset to the success of your elopement in Chile, helping you plan and navigate cultural differences that can otherwise be a bit tricky.

Patagonia elopement packages

season 2023 - 2024



The Basic

Day 1: We meet in Santiago at the airport. We fly to Puerto Natales together.

We get picked up at the airport by a private driver.

We drop you at the hotel in Puerto Natales

Day 2: The next day we go to a lake with a panoramic view of Torres del Paine peaks, and have your Love Ritual at the lake followed by a celebratory picnic.


The Not So Basic

Day 1: We meet in Puerto Natales the day before your Love Ritual, and we have a little photo session around the bay.

Day 2: On the day of the Love Ritual I pick you up in a private car, we drive for about an hour, and we arrive to the base of an indigenous sacred hill where we hike up for about an hour, and once at the top, surrounded by the majesty of Condors, and the most panoramic view, you have your Love Ritual, followed by a celebratory picnic.


The Extra AF

Day 1: We meet in Santiago at the airport. We fly to Puerto Natales together.

We get picked up at the airport by a private driver.

We drop you at the hotel in Puerto Natales.

Day 2: A whole day adventure, where we visit 10 different locations surrounding Torres del Paine park. We stop for pictures all along, then half through the day we go on a 1 hour hike.

Your Love Ritual and celebratory picnic take place at a lake with the best view of a glacier and the iconic Torres del Paine peaks.

At the end of the night, we drop you back at your hotel.

An Ethical Approach

For years, people have been visiting Latin American countries with a colonialistic approach, meaning, they have been sold an ideation of Latin America that is in fact far from the real Latin American life.

For Instance, people go to Mexico to swim with dolphins and drink Margaritas, but Mexicans don't swim with dolphins or drink Margaritas. That was the idea of Mexicans invented by white people, and tour operators perpetuated a stereotype to make money off it.

Chile is not much different, so when working with Sandrachile, we offer you a complimentary array of opportunities that let you experience Chilean culture from within. These opportunities also allow locals to benefit financially, and culturally from the mutual exchange.

In addition to that, we try working exclusively with minority or women-owned businesses, and we put a lot of effort into steering you away from tourist traps.


Whether you are set on eloping, or just starting to consider it, I'll be happy to give you some guidance, and once you send your inquire you'll receive access to the pricing options.


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The word
"elopement" does not have a translation into spanish because the concept in itself does not exist.



cultural differences


For Chileans, weddings are strictly social events, so the idea of not having people by your side on your wedding day does not make sense.

Because of this, the concept of "eloping" does not exist in Chile nor in Latin American culture.

The word "eloping" does not have a translation into Spanish.

In addition to this, under the Chilean lawas, marrying outdoors is forbidden in Chile (you must have a physical address).

This makes it even harder for Chileans to comprehend what you are attempting to do.