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isn’t hard to think on having a big party when we see so much need around us? …

We live in a time where we have political chaos left to right, we see how our planet dies slowly because of pollution. We are the silent witnesses of wars, and we constantly hear the consequences of gun violence, hate, and terrorist attacks…

It was hard for me to witness all this while working on an industry that is all about opulence, so I decided to do something, and I created a way to bring together wedding photography while being socially responsible, committed to inspiring couples to make the conscious decision of walking into marriage with an attitude of gratitude, giving a little something back, taking care of the planet and sending a positive message out to a world in need.

[Real pics of homeless people fed after weddings]





When you hire Sandrachile, you hire more than just we photographer for one day. My hope is that your wedding creates the happiest memories for you, but also a ripple effect, so the love of your relationship and wedding day, can spread out to those who need a little bit of hope in their lives today.

We partner with your wedding vendors to reduce post wedding waste.

We encourage you to take a public stand to reduce plastic at your wedding.

We have our own charity, and we are empowering homeless and displaced women > Worth Manifesto


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We are obsessed with the photos!!!
Sophia, Mother of the bride
Everything you did made the whole process amazing! Best wedding photog ever!!!!
I love the pictures, the colors!!! I know it was my son, so I find them beautiful but is just that.... I honestly don’t know how you do it but it’s like no other pictures I’ve seen before. You were great, you were so wonderful!
Mother of the Groom
Oh my god, we loooooooooooove the pics you posted! We went back and forth from “awwww” to laughing our asses off! Thank you so much! Everything turned out amazing and it was truly fantastic working with you and Nick. We can’t thank you enough.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift and card. It was so unexpected, and reinforced the fact that you are not the kinda photographer just looking to fill us their weekends and make an extra buck.
Sharon, after receiving her welcome kit.
Sandra!!! The pictures!!! So beautiful!!!
So many emotions going on right now. They are STUNNING. You need to take pride in your work!
Katie, upon receiving her thumbdrive.
Just got your lovely package. You’re a top-notch lady; Thank You!!
Sandra is an amazing photographer and all of my pictures turned out gorgeous. Sandra is extremely easy to work with and ensured everything and everyone was under control during our wedding pictures. In addition, Sandra’s social conscious platform only made me love her even more!
Tammy + Nathan
Daniel and I had a blast with you! The pictures turned at wonderful!! We love them!! I’m so glad we met and we had you as our photographer!! Thanks for spending our wonderful (day) with us and the family!!
Kylee & Daniel




Sandra Who?






“I’m here for those who want to never be silent about the things that truly matter.”

I was born and raised in Chile, in the midst of a household with lots of abuse.
I ran away from home at 15, and I lived in the street until I was 21. I survived those years thanks to people’s kindness, and performing in the street as a clown.
During the time in the street I met Nick, an American Marine who’s ship had sink in my hometown.
A few years later, I came to America determined to find him, with barely any english, 1 luggage, no papers, and only 20 bucks in my pocket.
When I found him we got married (yup, that fast).
Now,13 years later. We have a beautiful family with 2 fur babies and we live in the amazing city of Pittsburgh

I think I have such a crazy love story that I have developed an addiction to connect to other love stories.
I am obsessed with taking pictures of fascinating individuals who are like me, free-spirit, who wanna travel the world, who love to laugh out loud, who love to help others, who wanna save ALL the animals; but most importantly, who want to never be silent about the things that truly matter.

So I never forget who I am or where I came from. My origins keep me humble and grounded, and I want to always remain that way.
Why Sandrachile?

*Not boring



      How much?



0137-Getting Ready-Sterwin.JPG
“ A dolla makes me holla “
Honey Boo Boo

Money, money, money…

Your wedding is super important, and I want it to be a reflection of who you are, this is why I can’t make you fit into a package. Each couple is unique, each wedding is different and has different needs, so every couple deserves a custom experience.
Through talking, we’ll find the best way to align what you need with your budget….

Weddings are expensive, and I get it! However, if you hire me, your money is truly making a difference.
We give to charity, (we are even launching one!) we plant trees, we feed homeless, we restore dignity, and we make sure that your wedding photography experience is chilled, personal, and transcends beyond just one day. So if you want to talk, hit below :D