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Wedding Docu...


Wedding documentary is a refreshing way that highlights moments, stories, and the beauty of candid life.

Instead of creating picture perfect scenes with a standardized set of cliché-looking shots, documentary focuses in capturing the truth, and rather than having the photographer guiding and directing the day, I stay back and let things happen naturally as they unfold, creating an honest story of your wedding day.


Why hire me?


I specialize in photographing FUN couples who like to do things a lil' bit different, who treat their wedding day as a chance to celebrate their personalities, and who celebrate their personalities by embracing the spontaneity of life. 

When you hire me, you will have a photographer who "gets you"  like a friend would, someone who understands that you are passionate about living, and will capture this special day with the intensity and creativity that your soul deserves.


Every couple is
and diversity
is the spice of life



I believe in:

Colorful things.
Dancing (a lot).
 Embracing spontaneity.
 Cookie tables and the chicken dance.
 People look their best by just being themselves.
 In giving back and caring about the environment.
 In not discriminating against humans with different lifestyles and/or beliefs.

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As seen in

Sandra Who? 




Courtesy of V-I Photography

Courtesy of V-I Photography

Sandra Chile, the eye behind the lens.
Born and raised in Chile, now I live in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania (USA).
I am a passionate rabbit lover, a ferocious advocate for animal welfare, and a supporter of conscious living.
I am in love with taking pictures of fascinating individuals, whom like myself, are free spirited, wanna travel the world, like to laugh out loud, wanna eat without gaining weight and most of all, want to never be silent about things that matter.



Party animal.
and a tiny bit crazy

My last name is Villarroel, when nobody could spell that, people started calling me Sandra Chile,
and I go by that ever since
— Why Sandrachile?

"They fell in a mutual weirdness, and called it love."

Dr. Seuss


La vida in squares


Love is Green


The core of Sandrachile
is a strong commitment to 


We care about your future, so we offer albums, photo books, and prints that are sustainable, and have future generations in mind. 

We care about the things you care about, so we do not use any animal sourced materials. Instead of leather albums,  we offer amazing compassionate alternatives (vegan) such as banana leaf, bamboo, or coconut fibers, and natural fiber matte finish papers.



In an industry that promotes luxury and materialism, I believe in a wedding industry that is fair, so we fight fiercely against forced child marriage by donating a portion of every fee to 
Too Young To Wed
,  an organization that promotes the end of this practice.
We also support alternatives that are ethically conscious, by using products that are made in America or where labor laws are in place in order to protect workers. 


What others are saying

Daniel and I had a blast with you! The pictures turned at wonderful!! We love them!! I’m so glad we met and we had you as our photographer!! Thanks for spending our wonderful (day) with us and the family!!
— Kylee & Daniel
Sandra!!! The pictures!!! So beautiful!!!
So many emotions going on right now. They are STUNNING. You need to take pride in your work!
— Katie, upon receiving her thumbdrive.
Sandrachile Photography photos from the wedding are finally here, and what a great job she did!
I know she was very particular about taking the photos and the results show why! She made sure to capture everything we asked for along with adding her own fun touch. She was amazing to work with and we highly recommend her.
— Sarah
Thank you for the thoughtful gift and card. It was so unexpected, and reinforced the fact that you are not the kinda photographer just looking to fill us their weekends and make an extra buck.
— Sharon, after receiving her welcome kit.
Sandra took pictures at our welcome dinner/Mehndi party for our wedding. She far exceeded our expectations!!! Not only is she is a delightful, warm person, but she is also a great photographer. She was thoughtful with what details to capture and she took so many great pictures of all of our guests in candid moments. The photo album is amazing and we are beyond thrilled to have a book of memories of our loved ones on such a special occasion. Thank you, Sandra!!
— Sirisha
Very creative really knows how to produce a good photo of people who might not photograph well. Pays attention to detail.
— Melissia