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A socially responsible way to getting married

It is hard to think on having a big party when we see so much need around us.
We live in a time where we have political chaos left to right, we see how our planet dies slowly due to contamination. We are the silent witnesses of wars, and we hear the consequences of gun violence.

It was hard for me to witness all this while working on an industry that is all about opulence, so I created a way to bring together wedding photography while being socially responsible, committed to inspire couples to make the conscious decision of walking into marriage with an attitude of gratitude, giving a little something back, taking care of the planet and creating social impact. 

In order to do this, I engage proactively with opportunities to use weddings to impact the community, like delivering leftovers from the wedding to homeless people (pictures below), bringing flowers to nursing homes, and connecting couples with other vendors who are giving back.

Although I live most of the year in Pittsburgh PA, in the north east of USA, I travel all over the world documenting couples who are willing to embrace their wedding day in a more ethical and intentional way. 

So far I have worked in NYC, Florida, California, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, Croatia, Miami, Missouri, Puerto Rico, and Hungary.

I am excited to meet couples willing to
change the most wasteful and vain industry into a
powerful movement to do good!

These are some pictures of when I deliver food to homeless after a wedding day.




Sandra Who?






I am the eye behind the lens.
I am an immigrant, born and raised in Chile,
but now I live in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in the United States.

I am in love with taking pictures of fascinating individuals, who like myself, are free-spirited, wanna travel the world, love to laugh out loud, love to help others, wanna eat without gaining weight; but most importantly, want to never be silent about the things that truly matter.

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*not boring

So I never forget who I am or where I came from. My origins keep me humble and grounded, and I want to always remember that.
Why Sandrachile?

Pics or it didn’t happen!




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I will gladly travel along wherever your wedding takes place.

I don't charge transportation fees within North America

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The easiest pricing structure ever seen, with discounts in exchange to donations to charity so you can get more by doing good, a win win for you and for others in need. 

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Some people calls them Engagement Sessions, I call them pre wedding, but no matter the name, if you want pictures of you and your better half, click below

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* Please keep in mind that as a part of the commitment to remain ethically grounded, I do not offer services at the zoo, aviary, aquarium, or anywhere where wild animals are enslaved for human entertainment. Thanks for understanding *




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We are obsessed with the photos!!!
Sophia, Mother of the bride
Everything you did made the whole process amazing! Best wedding photog ever!!!!
I love the pictures, the colors!!! I know it was my son, so I find them beautiful but is just that.... I honestly don’t know how you do it but it’s like no other pictures I’ve seen before. You were great, you were so wonderful!
Mother of the Groom
Oh my god, we loooooooooooove the pics you posted! We went back and forth from “awwww” to laughing our asses off! Thank you so much! Everything turned out amazing and it was truly fantastic working with you and Nick. We can’t thank you enough.
Thank you for the thoughtful gift and card. It was so unexpected, and reinforced the fact that you are not the kinda photographer just looking to fill us their weekends and make an extra buck.
Sharon, after receiving her welcome kit.
Sandra!!! The pictures!!! So beautiful!!!
So many emotions going on right now. They are STUNNING. You need to take pride in your work!
Katie, upon receiving her thumbdrive.
Just got your lovely package. You’re a top-notch lady; Thank You!!
Sandra is an amazing photographer and all of my pictures turned out gorgeous. Sandra is extremely easy to work with and ensured everything and everyone was under control during our wedding pictures. In addition, Sandra’s social conscious platform only made me love her even more!
Tammy + Nathan
Daniel and I had a blast with you! The pictures turned at wonderful!! We love them!! I’m so glad we met and we had you as our photographer!! Thanks for spending our wonderful (day) with us and the family!!
Kylee & Daniel

Journal of recent work...



So, how does one get married while being socially responsible?

download the list of tips, full of ideas to get hitched while empowering your community, helping charities, remaining eco friendly, and changing the world!. It’s FREE!