A vendor can truly make or break your wedding day, so choosing a good professional is quintessential, but at the same time, the best way to make a difference on your wedding day is by choosing small businesses that are committed to ethical practices, who are a minority, and/or who are making a difference in the world.

Here I show you a few recommendations of vendors I have worked with

To do good:

With your dress

Alabaster Brides is a Pittsburgh based project that gathers wedding dresses and gifts them to women from impoverished areas around the world, who can not afford weddings or getting married.

To do good:

With your leftovers

412 Food Rescue is a Pittsburgh nonprofit that receives sealed, untouched food, and distributes them to other charities that feed people. This is great for that extra pan of pasta salad, or chicken after your reception.

To do good:

With your flowers

Scent with Love collects floral centerpieces from weddings and events and donates them to Pittsburgh places in need. Rather than wasting these gorgeous florals, Scent with Love helps to spread their beauty and cheer!


A Simple Vow


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Other services:

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Chocolate favors: The Rescue Chocolate

Remaining intentional in the process of planning a wedding, is the key to a perfect wedding day :)