So you are a photographer...

You take pictures, you enjoy it, and now you want to dive into the wedding photography world, but how ?!

I don't know EVERYTHING about wedding photography, but everything I know, I'll be sharing it with you <3

I got ya ;)

Not too long ago, I was there as well. Now it has been a few years of mistakes, pains, but also lots of success. I have been in a few blogs, and I get inquiries from other photographers on a daily basis asking me how did I get here.
This is why I am offering you a full weekend of mentorship and friendship.
I'm sharing everything with you: my house, my knowledge, and a hands on opportunity to shadow a real wedding with me, in the most genuine and interactive workshop in the universe, available in either English AND/OR Spanish, which means, you can travel from all over the world for this.


What will you learn:

* Your personality and Target Client
* Niche
* How your personality affects your pictures/work.
* Where to start in the wedding industry, or if you already started but feel lost, we will dissect through the core of your current biz to find out ways to improve it.
* Profit
* Equipment
* Leads and the industry
* Styled shots
* Social media and web presence (SEO)
* Real wedding participation
* Products and IPS
* Inspiration
* Community
* Giving back


What's included:

We pick you up from the airport, we host you at my home, we feed you, we have a styled shoot, you go to a real wedding with us, and experience our real life, the life behind the scenes of a wedding photographer. Tons of laughs, networking, good food and bad jokes. And if we can squeeze a tour of Pittsburgh, we do!.


What you won't learn:

* Technical aspects of photography
* How to stomp your competition
* English
* Where do babies come from


What others are saying

Sandra and I connected on a facebook group. She so graciously answered questions for me regarding wedding photography, and next thing I knew I was flying from Orlando to Pittsburgh to shadow her for 3 days. On the first day Sandra and I got to know each other better and she taught me the importance of knowing my client, and who I was as a specific brand. She also took me to a styled shoot, and let me shoot with her teaching me the value of a styled shoot... and having fun while at it. During the wedding day Sandra trusted me to shoot during the wedding. It was exactly what I needed to see the flow and ins and out of what goes in to a wedding day... from what equipment to pack, where to stand, time constraints, anything that goes in to the day – she made sure I understood what was going on. On my last day with Sandra we discussed the initial meeting with clients, the products, the relationship built with the client prior to wedding day, and she was happy to answer any and every questions I could have came up with. I could have not asked for a better experience for learning. Sandra did not hold anything back and it is so refreshing to see and be around. I will always remember what I have learned from her, and will always refer back to it.
Thank you Sandra! I forever love you!
— Joanna
Learn more about   Joanna's work

Learn more about Joanna's work

Joanna: real life guinea pig, after a real life wedding, in a real life meme.


I'm not gonna lie to you, this is not for everyone, it takes a special human to endure wedding photography
... and even more special to endure me, lol.


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