Traveler $1200

Traveler $1200


Fine art signature in special edition cover "pastel green"
Matte pages, comes in a hand made paper box

14x10 - 20 spreads- 16 ultra big pictures.


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The fanciest book we offer, artisan made with luxury materials. Each book is intentionally created to become a heirloom in your family, so it comes certified and warranted to last 100 years or we replace it for free.

Fine art book, in special holiday edition cover "pastel green", which is a handmade paper, made out of recycled tree bark and leaves, coated in soy wax, with beautiful interior matte pages. These pages are thicker and the whole album is made to warranty durability.

14x10 - 20 spreads- 16 ultra big pictures.
Comes in an artisan made box.

INSTRUCTIONS: You have until November 25th at midnight to select the pictures that will go in your book. 
Head over to your GALLERY and create a "favorite" folder with a number of pictures your book needs. 
Once the images are selected, your book will be designed.
These books will arrive back before Christmas and will be hand-delivered to you (keep that in mind).

FYI: If you fail to make a selection of pictures, I will make the selection for you according to my criteria (aka, my favorite pictures of your wedding or session).