Letter 5

The only ingredient for success.

When I decided to become a photographer, I didn't know anything.
When I decided to move to US, I knew nothing.
When I thought I knew english, I didn't know shit!
When I thought I knew my boyfriend and I was ready to get married, I also didn't know a thing.

Do you get the idea?
I remember thinking photography was about taking pictures, and then I realized taking pictures wouldn't be good without a website.
So I made a website. Then I realized that a website was no good unless you have the right SEO so people could find it... So I tried improving the SEO by writing blogs.
Then I realize that SEO needs of social media's constant presence to help you position... So I ended up with a facebook page, a twitter, a pinterest, Instagram, google Plus, Linkedin, Yelp, Foursquare, Myspace and every possible social network that could possibly exist. Now Sandrachile is on all social media networks and is confusing AF, but that's ok.

Then I realized that social media is only effective if your content is good... so I started trying to find creative ways to make good content.... This led me to the realization that good content can be used as advertising... Which led me to reading blogs on how to write good ads... which led me to google adwords... and now I am completely lost... but maybe some of you will read this and realize that in this business we are all lost, and entrepreneurship is not about having all the knowledge because it is not knowledge that helps us succeed, but passion.

We can buy classes to learn more, we can buy books to get us inspired. We can buy equipment to help us take better pictures, but the only thing that will absolutely lead us to a successful business and nobody can buy is passion.

Take care of your passion, if you don't have that, you have nothing.