Letter 2.

People, We are people!

During the last few months I have been struggling with someone who is threatening to sue me, but before I tell you more about this, I need to tell you a little back story.
I am an immigrant. I came to America in 2006 to be reunited with the love of my life after 4 years of long distance relationship.
I am from Chile, and in Chile we speak Spanish. This gave me an asset that I was not aware of: I am bilingual.
My first job in America was due to that asset, I was a tech support call center agent in a cable/internet company.

While working there I got to witness how every day people called complaining about things, and I on the other side of the phone, had the capacity of giving in to those requests, or dismissing them.
The power was in my hands, and I did not always do my best to give in.
I saw countless times how my supervisor would reverse bills to people who were nice on the phone, but I also saw how he would not do so, for those who were demanding and disrespectful.
Being in customer service made me realize that at the other side of anything there's always a person, a human that wants to be acknowledged. A person like me who has dreams, aspirations, troubles and feelings.
Now fast forward to the photographer. Aside from a photographer, I am a person who is deeply involved and concerned about some ethical issues, and my photography and website are, in the end, a microphone for my soul.
In 2014, I learned about an unjust situation concerning rabbits and MOMA in NYC. Without thinking too much, I opened an online petition to prevent a (cruel) show from taking place, and soon, I used my journal (blog) within my website to talk about that.
I am pretty sure the show happened regardless, but at least I had the peace of mind of trying to do something and I was able to make an echo about rabbit welfare.
Now, the main artist of that show has been contacting me for a few months, demanding me to take down her pictures and threatening to sue me, and here is where it gets gooey.
Her and I are both struggling artists. Both women in our 30's. Both trying to float in art fields crowded with gazillions of others.
I believe she lives in another country, and sadly (for her) I have more knowledge in how laws regarding the internet work. What I want to say is yes, she might be able to sue me, but realistically, she will not win because nobody will pursue an allegation from abroad, because no judge will care too much about it.
But instead, that artist could have said "hey, you made a mistake that is really hurting my career, could you please delete those images?"
See? What I'm trying to say is that always at the other end there is a person that DESERVES to be treated with dignity and respect.
The software support, the struggling artist, the lab's customer service, the client who wants you to air brush her dog, or your second shooter who is obnoxious and is killing your vibe.
Be kind! and treat everybody with the dignity you would treat the Queen Elizabeth. It is the one and only attitude that will bring you further than even the most skilled and award winning artist in the universe.