Letter 4.

There's a debate within every tog: Whether to please the customer or to please our own heart.

A few weeks ago, I had a consultation with a prospective bride.
Considering I am a quirky creature, one who talks too loud, says too much irrelevant shit, dresses too crazy, it is too opinionated, and so on; I decided that the day of that particular consultation I was gonna try NOT to scare my client, and  "tone it down" (at least the outfit).


I normally wear really big earrings, because I'm latina, and latinas happen to love big fat earrings. But not that day. That day I was gonna tone it down, be more gringa and wear little pearl earrings and a pearl necklace that Martha Stewart would be proud of.


When I arrived, my potential bride was wearing the most amazing big giant earrings I have ever seen. Immediately I said " I love your earrings" and she replied: earrings are my favorite thing!.

And then I felt like an idiot. I had been struggling to show myself in a way I was not, to impress a prospective client with a fake washed out version of me.

That day I decided I was not gonna be that way anymore, because trying to present ourselves in a different way is nothing more than being dishonest about our product.
Our photography is who we are. Whether is posed, documentary, crisp, bright, airy or dark/moody, our work is a representation of who we are, and our personal image is a representation of our personality. In the end, we can't separate one from the other,
attracting the right customer begins with being loyal to who we are and respecting ourselves. Keep that in mind when booking your next client.

PS: After that meeting, I came back home, re did my website show casing all my fun pictures that I had been afraid to post, dyed my hair in purple, and put the pearls in a bag that ended up in Goodwill. Change my Facebook settings, and made all my posts public.
I am who I am and it's okay :)