Letter 3.




The discussion started because we differed on what success is. They said success it's a full calendar, while for me, success is being happy while getting paid. If I like to dance and someone is paying me to dance, I consider myself successful, simple as that.

Sadly they disagree, and beat me down for my "radical" thinking.
But what exactly is success?.
I came home and asked my husband, he said  "success is accomplishing your goals". He was correct, and the dictionary agreed with him., but it also agreed with them, because success is defined as obtaining wealth, and how are you going to attain wealth with an empty calendar?. 
Luckily we can choose which definition we each prefer, and I prefer the first one. Success is getting paid for taking pictures, documentary pictures, non traditional pictures, meeting unconventional couples, being friends with my brides... There is no more success than that :)