I'm the eye behind the lens.
Born and raised in Valparaiso,  Chile,
now I live in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh
in the United States.
I am a passionate rabbit lover, a ferocious advocate for human and animal rights, a hater of injustice, and a supporter of ethical consumerism.

I am in love with taking pictures of fascinating individuals, whom like myself, are free spirited, wanna travel the world, love to laugh out loud, wanna eat without gaining weight, but most of all, want to never be silent about things that matter.



Meme obsessed.
World changer.
and a lil' bit crazy

Why Sandrachile?
My name and my country are usually the 2 things people remember about me.
My last name is Villarroel, so I guess this is easier than spelling my last name, right?
— Why Sandrachile?