My name is Sandra, and I am a Pittsburgh wedding photographer , who travels all over the world documenting people in love (and sometimes other fun stuff).

The Sandrachile experience

 Our relationship begins from the very first email we exchange. I don't do robots. I read your email and respond with genuine enthusiasm, as soon as I get it. If I am available, you'll receive an invitation to meet with me, if I am not available, you'll receive an email with a list of colleagues who are excellent at their craft, and available for the date you are inquiring.

Then What?

The Process:

Getting closer and connecting with couples is key to performing my best work, so after the initial email, I invite you to sit down with me to get to know each other more. Whether at a local coffee shop, or in front of the computer via Skype, I want to hear everything about your love story and your wedding plans, and then explain to you a little better why I do things the way I do.

After I assess our priorities, I will tell you more about pricing through a printed booklet where all of the ins and outs of hiring me are explained. That way you can take the information with you and confidently go back to it later. 

Once you communicate with me that you will hire my services, (I perform my secret happy dance, and then...) I will email you the contract which is filled out digitally online. 
In the contract you select your package, hours, add ons, discounts, and everything in regards of the service you are about to purchase. 
Once you hit submit, I check your selections, and you receive an invoice to pay your deposit and a PDF copy of the signed contract.
Your wedding date gets reserved as soon as the invoice is paid.

After you sign this, a carefully curated welcome gift will be on its way to you. 


What makes me different:

Sandrachile's heart is love and compassion, and our services have a big emphasis on sustainability and ethics.

In an industry that promotes luxury and materialism, we believe in a wedding industry that is fair, so we offer a price discount  in exchange of your donation to select charities.

We also support alternatives that are ethically conscious by using products that are made by small businesses across the country.

We have an extensive offer of eco-friendly printed products, because mother earth is our backdrop, and we believe in taking care of her.

Most importantly, we recognize the potential each of us has to change the world, and we encourage each couple to use their wedding day as an opportunity to help others.  Whether it is by donating a wedding dress or flowers afterward, or buying decorations from businesses who give back, we educate each couple to give their special day an altruistic purpose.  That way, your wedding can be a blessing beyond only those who are a part of your life. 


Why Alternative?

I am eclectic, and I focus on documenting fun, fun couples, fun moments, fun things all around, so I'm all about nontraditional couples who “cast their own mold” and refuse to conform to traditional standards, but build their wedding day according to who they are. 
We appreciate life as it happens, instead of perfect posed put-ons.
We love free spirited people who live intentionally – couples who approach their wedding in a more mindful way, caring about the things worth caring about: living purposefully, conscious consumerism, active citizenship, eco-fashion, and artsy stuff… anything that is good for our lives, that also empowers others, and is good for our planet.


In the end:

In the end, my pictures reflect not only the documentation of your wedding day but also the intentions behind the big day.
After the wedding, I share sneak peeks mostly via Instagram.
Then, an initial gallery of images is available 4 weeks after your wedding day, and the full gallery is delivered via USB within 90 days.

Then, your images are submitted to wedding blogs, so we can inspire other couples to do the same, to have fun, and to be intentional with their wedding day, but it can take up to a year for the submissions to be accepted and published.