When " Till death do us apart" is too soon.

 When people thinks about  getting married, they are thinking on a commitment to grow old and to spend a life together with a significant other. They picture kids and grandkids... and mostly getting old with someone by your side,  but sometimes that is not the case. 

  • This past weekend, the video of Solomon and Jennifer went viral, because of Solomon had a terminal ill.

    In America, I am part of an organization called " Wish upon a wedding" , the world's first organization granting weddings and vow renewals to couples facing serious illness.

    The only problem is that almost nobody knows of this organization, and here is where you can help us spreading the word.
    We need professionals in the medical field, the ones who are right there with the patient, to let them know about us.

    In honor or Salomon Chau, and the million other fighters, who truly need a happy moment away from illness, please let them know about Wish Upon a Wedding.


Thank you.