Winter Photography Session with SNOW!

Danny + Bri

I'm going crazy.... er.
The cabin fever is real, so last weekend when it snowed, I thought, what if I disregard the fact that is SUUUUPER cold and I go take pictures in the snow?

Taking pictures in the winter is a different animal than in the summer. Photoraphers depend on the intensity of the light to produce quality work, and if the light changes just a little bit, the outcome of the pictures change as well.

Up to this moment, my only subject for snow pictures had been my dogs, so I turned to my Instagram to see if any couple would volunteer to be models for me that day. Sure enough, one did!

This is Briana and Danny.
Bri is also a photographer who follows Sandrachile on Instagram (thank you!).
She said they are rarely in front of the camera, and that alone convinced me to welcome them immediately, with an open heart.

I'll be honest, this was the shortest session ever. I was wearing 3 layers of pants and I could barely move, but in those 20 minutes these two ROCKED THE HELL out of their love <3

Thanks guys for being so brave and daring!


PS: If you don't follow my Instagram yet, do it now! I'll be sharing more opportunities and model calls there!