What To Wear For Engagement Pictures?

Most photographers will give you a bunch of tips, entire pinterest boards, and full blogs dedicated to this subject. 
I am simple.
I have 3 tips:

1-. Avoid small patterns. If you like patterns, go for big, bold ones.
2-. Plain colors always look great.
3-. Girls look great in dresses.

But my last tip is the most important tip you'll ever hear:

Wear something that makes you happy :)

seriously though!
If you feel happy, no matter what you wear, you'll always always look great.

Nick and I had a photo session last December in Mexico. I wanted clothes that would contrast with the airy turquoise ocean, so we went with black for both of us.
My dress (from Torrid) was long to help me look slimmer and taller. 
Nick's Shirt (from Forever21) had big patterns to break the black.

I might be biased, but I think we look hella cute, don't you think? :D