What To Do With Pictures


If you are anything like me, you take tons of pictures.

If you are anything like me, you print those pictures.

And if you are anything like me, that's all you do....

because I have never been able to hang anything and make it look good. 

I often wonder around Pinterest where I have a board named "What To Do With Pictures", and I pin, daydream, and envision my walls filled with perfectly aligned pictures, holding images of everyone of my friends and trips, however.... that never happens. Instead, I have a stash of things that "need to go on the wall".
So this year, I am determined to get it done! 

This is why I am introducing you to: my friend Robyn. She is an organization coach at the blog Less This Mess .
I not only adore her insightful advise and tricks, but one of my favorite things is that she explains everything with detailed pictures, and since I am "Instruction Challenged" the pictures REALLY help.

So click below and read 

How to hang
perfect pictures