Weddings That Give Back - Pittsburgh

Katie + Kurt

A few weeks ago, when I met Katie and Kurt for their last planning consultation with me, I was nervous but I asked: "What kind of social change is your wedding producing?". Katie, who is so generous and sweet, immediately answered that her flowers were going to be repurposed.
For those of you who don't know,  this generates a new responsibility at the end of the night and a challenge that not all vendors are cool with, however, the amazing girls from Sapphire and Lace, did not drop the ball, and at 11 pm, instead of going home, they went to the Carson Retirement Center, where Sandy was waiting for us. The flowers ended up cheering the residents there, mostly elderly people [insert heart eyes here].

I followed my friends from Sapphire and Lace Floral Design and took a couple of pictures of them...

BUT WAIT, That's not all!

Katie and Kurt decided to make a difference in another small but very impactful way.

For people living on the streets, wedding food is a luxury completely out of their reach, and at the end of every wedding, the leftovers end up in the garbage. This is why I personally work with the couples and caterers, gathering the food and delivering it to any homeless that we find in the street.

The caterer for this events was.... (take a guess)...

Pittsburgh BBQ !!


Katie and Kurt generously allowed me to have the leftovers and Pittsburgh BBQ graciously facilitated this process for us.

I am forever grateful of vendors like this who risk their butts for a good cause.

And as a vegan, I am eternally grateful of BBQ places that offer delicious vegan options for those like me.
(Their grilled and stuffed Portobello was a hit!).

In the end, we fed SEVEN people who were sleeping in the street. 

Seven might not seem like a high number to us, but when you are hungry and sleeping on hard concrete,
a meal sure impacts your life .

The pictures are not of the greatest quality, but we were in a tight spot (with a police car behind), so all I had was my phone.


Thank you Katie and Kurt
for hiring me, for being generous, and for being willing to impact the world with your wedding day.
I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!