Vicky + Sheri

Vicky and Sheri are artsy.
You can tell as soon as you set foot into their house.
The big piano takes up a big space, and it’s not pushed into a corner, it’s there to remind you that music is at the center of their hearts, and that their hearts are filled with art in all its forms.

The house is ruled by the fur babies the ones that greeted me as soon as I crossed the door.
Laughs, licks, and love where everywhere.

Vicky reached out to me while I was attending the Fearless Photographers conference in Puerto Rico, and she said “I need family pictures for my wife, pictures that aren’t boring”.

I am not sure if my pictures are “not boring”, but I like real life. The fun, the chaos, the intentionally decorated corners of my house, the spontaneous laugh, the dog photobombs, the visitors, the walls that tell stories. I like them all.

So, on Thanksgiving day, I showed up before the turkey and the fat pants, to photograph this couple and their family.

There was a lot of photobombing but I couldn’t get mad, can you guess why?
Hint: is related to “the welcome committee that greeted me at the door”.

Scroll down so you can take a look why :D