Urban Winter Engagement in Pittsburgh


Photography is healing, whether you are the one taking pictures, or the subject.
For me, photography has been a journey towards the healing of an unhealthy upbringing. It has made me see things from a different angle and it has changed me. Where there was anger, now I find understanding. Where there was hate, now I find kindness. Where there was pain, now I find growth.

The session of Josh and Tina was special. It was the first time Tina wore a dress in forever, and it was a big step for her. 
Tina and Josh met when Tina was recovering from a painful train accident that left her with a prosthetic leg and emotional scars that she still deals with today. 
The accident brings painful memories from the past, and wearing any revealing skirts is like digging in those painful memories all over again...

During the car ride I mentioned to Tina about my own painful past. Living homelessly in Chile since I was 15 until I was 23, was indeed hard, but if it wasn't for the strength I built during those years I would not be where I am today.
I also shared about deciding to talk about that, and how after so many years hiding it I recently started talking about it and how it has completely turned my life around, like if acknowledging our vulnerabilities gave us super powers.

One thing is certain, at one point or another, we all walk through painful paths, but if it wasn't for these difficulties we wouldn't find growth. In my case, I found a career and a purpose, and in Tina's case, a companion to share this journey we call life with.


Our gratitude to AC Miller who allowed us to take pictures at their facility, and to Mister Buchan for his willingness to be helpful during this process.