Wedding at Nino's, Mount Pleasant PA

An explosion of color and love

I normally post the highlights of a wedding just once, but with Missy and Chris's wedding I had to break that rule because the details of their wedding totally deserved their own space.

Chris is an artist, who loves color and her wedding was an overflow of that. She carefully planted all the flowers of the wedding. She made every arrangement, centerpiece and even her own bouquet.
She also made the paper decorations around the wedding.

Missy in the other hand is a chef, and was in charge of wowing everybody's taste buds.
We began the night with two signature drinks along to the hors-d'oeuvre followed by the cookie trays. Now this is western PA, and to my delight, every wedding has a cookie bar, but this wedding's was a cookie buffet with different amazing stations like I have never seen before.

Chris and Missy considered their cookie bar was not enough sugar, and decided to treat their guest to a rainbow candy bar and a sprinkle explosion cake that we could take home as much as we wanted.
Then when my body was about to go into a sugar coma, the dinner came out and off course, it was once again a delicious treat of gourmet flavors.

In addition to all the awesomeness in regards of the food, Missy surprised her bride Christina with a cool car to bring them to the venue: The Widowmaker!

The entire wedding took place at Nino's Restaurant, a hidden gem in Mount Pleasant PA, fully furnished with colorful antiques and stained glasses.

Once again, I wish Christina and Melissia all the happiness of the world and thank you for allowing Sandrachile to be part of such a beautiful day :)


Sandrachile, Pittsburgh wedding photographer