The Card At The Wedding

I am NOT a romantic person, I am guilty of that.
The Notebook, Titanic, or Nicholas Spark are not really my cup of tea, but when I heard the story I am about to tell you, I almost died! 
Hear me out...

This story is about a card, purchased over 20 years ago.... 

Once upon a time, there was a romantic high school girl, who stopped at a card store and saw a card that truly touched her heart.
It read like this....

"To the one person I consider to be my Soul Mate...
I am so glad that you are a part of my life. It is a privilege to know you,
to share myself with you, to walk together on the paths that take us
in so many beautiful directions.

I had heard of "soul mates" before, but I never knew
such a person could exist until I met you"

Apparently she never felt confident enough to give it to someone, so she saved it for when the right person would come....

Ruth and Chris were classmates and also good friends.
One day, Ruth was a little upset, and Chris noticed this, so as a caring friend, he gave her a little card that said
"I'll never let you go"
It was written in a native american dialect, "O Lok A Wanee"


Ruth liked it, so she put it away....

These two graduated high school, and Chris left to Texas, to be in the military.
Ruth got married, had a kid and got divorced.
Chris got out of the military and also got married.
He moved back to Ohio and had 3 kids.
Ruth married again, and had another kid.
Chris got divorced.
The kids grew up....

Twenty some years went by, and these two reconnected. This time, they knew they couldn't simply date.
Too much life had gone by without the other by their side, so Chris said to Ruth Marry me!....
No wait, it was Ruth, actually, she told Chris "I'm going to marry you" (so poor Chris had no choice.... lol).

It was a week before their wedding and, in the midst of cleaning up, Ruth found the old card!. Yup, the soul mate card survived two marriages, a bunch of moves, two kids, and it was back in her hands, only days before her wedding day!. How meaningful was that!
She opened it up, and guess what was inside.... She found the soul mate card Chris had given her! Her card said soulmate, his card said "I will never let you go" and both were found together, after all this time, only days before their wedding.
If this was not a cosmic sign, then what is?

And this same 27 year old card is what Chris received on his wedding day <3

"To the love of my life on our wedding day"

An ultimate sign that these two were meant to be <3

And they are living
happily ever after