Memento at Sunrise - The Point Pittsburgh


When Angel reached out to me back in January she was looking for a memento.

Life happens at a speed that sometimes we can't handle, and she said she was happy, healthy (after a battle with cancer), and simply wanted a visual souvenir of the stage her and Matt, her husband were living right now.

As a photographer, I think this is the most beautiful reminder of what I do, I take visual souvenirs and make them stay with us, forever.
I am happy Angel found me and gave me that mission!

As a "not morning person", I hardly ever get to see the sunrise, but last Sunday I woke up at a time when I usually go to bed, and it was wonderful.
I not only fell in love with Pittsburgh's solitude, and the color of the morning light, but also, I think knowing that all of us were equally sleepy, made us extra goofy, and obviously we had extra fun. 
We walked, we took pictures, we shared about our lives, about our health struggles, we had coffee, we joked around; and at the end of the session, we still had a full Sunday ahead of us. 

Thanks Angel and Matt for the time and the opportunity to witness your life in the stage it is now <3

Angel + Matt's love story: (Told by Angel)
We met at a party at one of my oldest friends house and became acquaintances. We both do this crazy medieval reenacting thing so throughout the years we became friends as we would spend two weeks every summer in the same camp. In 2011 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (a rare variant with a high rate of recurrence) and he sent me an adorable shirt that said "Hey Cancer, You Picked the Wrong Bitch"; note he lived in Pittsburgh and I was in Springfield, VA.
On April 20, 2011 (Wednesday) the final treatment of my kill any thyroid cells left was a 157 mCi dose of radioactive iodine. Matthew was coming down to the DC Metro area for Easter and he came down that Friday to hang out with me before going to his family obligations that Saturday; we celebrated with pizza and beer. Tipsy me decided to kiss him and that was the beginning. By May we were an actual couple and in April 2012 I made the move to Pittsburgh.
I made a facebook post that may explain it better:

"Deadpool: An Honest Review, Now With Spoilers!
It doesn’t take
much to be honest and yet we fail time and time again, from the little white lies to the blatant ones. Deadpool delivered a brilliant movie from beginning to end and not for any reasons Hollywood could have ever imagined. How could a movie about a sarcastic anti-superhero possibly relate to me in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible, it’s simple I’ve been in his shoes.
I have been in that office being told I had cancer, no it was not terminal or stage IV, yes it was rare and yes it has a high rate of recurrence. I got through the surgery, the radiation, and the appointments with pints of Ben & Jerry’s, bottles of beer, and a multitude of friends; Deadpool did too albeit in his own ways. It was a rainy night under an umbrella when I kissed a man I would marry a few years late,r and watching the movie, it brought back all those uncertainties. I sat there writing letters explaining why I couldn’t and why I shouldn’t because it wasn’t fair to saddle him with my cancer; my cancer ruled my life more than me. I spent hours poring over research studies on prognostic implications and still, the Magic 8 ball concluded: “Cannot Predict Now”.
I was that person that wanted to walk away to save your partner the hurt, but every damn day my partner held on, despite. You aren’t yourself after a diagnosis, you don’t know who you are, hell I’m still dealing with my new normal; Deadpool does what I want to do, kick some ass, and rage until that feeling of incompetence disappears. I never asked to be a benchmark of how to deal with cancer, I never wanted to be pitied for what I couldn’t control, and I never wanted to take a partner down with me; because, that’s what it feels like, it feels like being buried, under all the good intentions, under all the worried looks, under all the sideways glances.
Deadpool found out, just like I did, that love isn’t only your choice; in a true partnership, the choice is always made by two people. If it had only been my choice, I would have run away from the best life partner a girl could have ever asked for. Deadpool faced his fears, I face mine by going to every follow-up appointment, and in the end, we both got exactly what we wanted: love, laughter, and a steamy kiss in spite of what we’d become. Cancer will always be the monster that lurks under my bed, but I am not my diagnosis and fuck that little monster."