Summary of 2017

The most important blog of the year


After the doctor gave me the bad news, I walked back to my car and I sat there in silence, staring at the steering wheel, letting it all sink in...

I was discombobulated and alone. No family, no friends around, Nick was traveling through WV and had no signal… it was just me, and my thoughts.

I gathered myself and thought, what if this is it?
What have I done with my life?... 


I have always been humanitarian, but there I was juggling with a cancer diagnosis and realized that the answer to my question was:

Not enough

I had been given a life,  but I could not identify if my life had made any impact .

i felt ashamed.
It was time to change.

Sometimes God gives us those moments to bring us back into purpose, and I am glad I got shaken last December because I walked into January of 2017 knowing exactly what I needed to do.

I became bolder and more daring in the things that truly moved my heart.


If I had continued on the same path, none of the numbers I share below would be here.
I would’ve never asked any couples to be ethical, to make donations, to pursue eco friendly, and I'm grateful that none of you fired me and that we can now share this.


Our impact

1- Want a discount? Donate to charity and  obtain one:

That is the offer I made to the couples. Most of them took this opportunity and though this initiative, $1150 were donated to “Too Young to Wed”, supporting the work against child marriage, and the victims.

Other couples donated to other charities instead.  Beverly’s Birthday, 412 FOODS, and Rabbit Wranglers were the beneficiaries; totaling $400

2- Change the world with your wedding day!

Most couples took my advice to weave a charitable activity into their wedding day and to give the money to a charity that meant something for them.

Thanks to that initiative $1900 were donated to different organizations, 80% of them local to Pittsburgh, leaving the money where your heart is.

3- Gimme your leftovers!

That is what I asked all the Pittsburgh couples who got married and had a caterer.
I'm not gonna lie, this was probably the hardest thing to do. It required a lot of logistical coordination, and the collaboration of not only the couple, but also the venue, wedding planners, and caterers. Plus extra energy from us at the end of the night, despite being tired. 

All the other caterers (except the Duquesne Club) were glad to assist.

Thanks to their willingness and each couple's generosity we impacted the planet reducing the carbon footprint of food waste, but more important yet, we gave the opportunity of a nice meal to 181 people and 2 dogs, impacting the direct needs of the Pittsburgh homeless population.

So thank you to all the couples but also to everyone else who made this happen:
Big Burrito, Devoted to You, Pittsburgh BBQ, JPC Events, Bistro To Go, Spirit Lodge, PointBreezeway, Clear Story Studio, Morning Glory Inn, Fish Hawk Acres. 

4- Repurpose!

One of the couples repurposed the beautiful flowers of their wedding day, and thanks to the collaboration of their florist Sapphire and Lace, these were delivered to a senior center nearby, brightening the day of the elderly residents, how great is this!

5- Go Vegan!

3 couples decided reduce their carbon footprint, and save animals by embracing a more vegetarian approach for their meal. 
They hired wedding caterers who provided one or more vegan/vegetarian alternatives, and in the end, I was the happiest one about it :D

Exhibit A: I was happy

6- Support small businesses:

I have always supported small businesses, but during the last trimester of 2017, I stepped up a notch, by donating $100 of each package to Kiva.
Only 2 couples have participated of this new initiative, but because they hired me, 2 small entrepreneurs were benefited.

In summary:


Approximately $4000 were contributed in total by 8 couples who decided to embrace their day with a more intentional approach to begin the journey together in gratitude, giving a little something back.

We impacted our community with kindness, and as a result, we contributed to change the world, and it was all because of you, the couples who hired me!

Thank you so much for making this year AMAZING!!!

now it's no longer a theory, this blog and you have proved it :)

** And the best part is that in the end, it was not cancer. It was just my hormones having a party where no one knows what they were celebrating, but after a couple of surgeries, and some therapy they settled down. Maybe they were celebrating this all along. Cheers!