The traditional occidental bride gets married once in a ceremony that usually last a couple of hours. Indian people thinks weddings are so awesome that they need more than a couple of hours to celebrate them, and rather than having one day with one party, they actually have a party before the "party" to celebrate such event. 
As the Latina I am, the concept of perpetual party is totally up my alley and that is probably why Siri and Sean decided to hire me to photograph their party before the party..

The celebration consisted of a very generous multiple course, traditional Indian buffet dinner, catered by my friends of Tamarind one of the most respectable Indian (and vegan!) caterers in the Pittsburgh area; followed by a Mehndi ceremony in which some relatives of the bride painted our hands with Henna and gave us cute colorful bangles.
After that, there was a phenomenal dance with sticks called Dandiya Raas. According to Wikipedia its a traditional folk dance from the area of Gujarat, in North West India.

Siri and Sean's party was full of color and their families were full of joy. I couldn't have asked for better guest and a better experience.
Thank you for hiring me, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love <3

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