Ruth + Chris:: Johnstown PA Engagement Session

We had so much fun!


I like Ruth. She is youthful, laid back, and optimistic; and her laugh is the most contagious thing ever.
Her story with Chris began many many years ago, in high school, but they recently reconnected after life got in between them.
Both are so in love that you can feel their hearts exploding for each other from a mile away, and I couldn't be happier for both of them.

I got up super early and drove all the way to Johnstown to document this couple in one of my most favorite Johnstown PA places, one that has witnessed the story and the wealth of that town, along with the destruction that multiple floods have left behind.

I will be their wedding photographer in a couple of weeks, and as you can see, that wedding will be laughs, joy, and the most fun ever, and I can barely wait for it.

Cheers! for Ruth & Chris....

Check their wedding pictures HERE