Romantic Photo Session in Washington DC

If you asked me 5 years ago what I considered a romantic date, it would have probably involved food and a movie. If you ask me today, I will for sure tell you that there is nothing that brings more romance to your life than a photo session with your significant other, in an almost therapeutic way. 
Looking into each other's eyes, hugging, petting, laughing, and walking holding hands, they all reminds us of the days when we just fell for each other. So I always recommend couples, specially the ones with children, or those who have been together for a while, to reconnect with a photo session, and this is what I did in Washington DC.


Maria Jose is a successful blogger, actress, comedian and v-logger. In fact, I met her through her hilarious videos.
She was born in Chile, and brought to the United States early on.  Her Chilean parents raised her the Chilean way (hello 3rd culture kid!), with long stays with the "tias" (aunts), and vacations at "abuelita" (grandma), now in her videos, she talks about what it feels to be a "Chilean Gringa" in the most funny way.

Maria Jose has been married to poor Bryan for 10+ years, and when I say poor I only say it because I know exactly what kind of martyr it takes to marry a Chilean who is full of personality.... ahem. 

The day of the session, I asked them to come early at sunrise so we could avoid the crowd, but guess what? There was a marathon that day, what a fail! Oh well, despite having runners running all around us, I think I achieved the romance that only a photo session can bring.

Gracias Chilena Gringa <3
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