Have you seen those T-Shirts that say " All I wanna do is.... (fill in the blank with your favorite thing to do)" 
Well, my T-Shirt would say :

All I wanna do is take pictures, save rabbits and backpack the world.... yes with the rabbits.
— Sandra's T-Shirt

Rabbits are the most amazing undervalued misunderstood pets. 
Yes I said pets, because just like you wouldn't compare a wolf with a french bulldog, or a dingo to a chihuahua; the rabbits you see eating grass in your yard are not the same bunnies waiting for adoption at your local shelter. There is a difference between wild rabbits and domestic rabbits, and these last ones should be treated like pets.

In the same way you wouldn't leave your cat or dog locked outside in the harsh winter, or the horrible heat of the summer, pet rabbits should not live in outdoor hutches.
And in the same way you would not let your dog or cat lose when you are tired of them, or when they age,


yet, somehow, people STILL doesn't get it...  and they do it, which made my sunday an emotional day, because I had to save a bunny from this situation, when



I heard through the vine, that someone, had gotten tired of having a rabbit in an outdoor hutch, so they were going to release it into the woods.


So, I quickly got in touch with Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club, who through the Western PA Humane Society, allowed me to rescue:


Let me introduce you to him in the story below:

>> (( Bonus Track: Watch Raymond's first encounter with Cilantro in THIS video  ) ) <<

As a semi experienced Rabbit owner, I believe Raymond will quickly win hearts. His mild behavior, ultra soft fur, and incredibly handsome face, will make him a fantastic addition to any house, even one with multi pets and/or children.

In the meantime, Raymond needs:

  1. His masculinity snipped.  

  2. An (urgent) mani-pedi . 

  3. A visit to the dentist.

  4. A visit to the doctor to make sure he is ok.

  5. Extra nutritious meals to help him gain weight. 

If you would like to contribute to Raymond's stay at the shelter, please consider a donation on his name.

Even better, if you have enjoyed this story,
think about making Raymond part of your family.
He is sweet, smart and cuddly,
and I assure, you will not regret
his company whatsoever. 

*all pictures in this story were taken with my iphone, while my camera and lenses are taking a trip to the Nikon spa.