Engagement Session or Excuse to Get Professional Pictures of the Cat?

Rachel + Sam

I like people who stand up against injustice.
People who are proactive to create a better world.
People who are able to step outside their privilege to empathize with minorities like myself.
People who care about the things that truly matter.
And this is pretty much the definition of Rachel and Sam, and I’m OBSESSED with them.

Rachel and Sam met in college, and after traveling around the globe helping farmers, and strengthening impoverished areas, they decided to get hitched, right here where they live. But pictures make introverts like them nervous, so I suggested to do a test run with an engagement session where they feel more at ease: their home.

Personally, I can’t empathize enough, how truly important taking pictures before getting married prepares you for the big day. I want all couples to do it, it really is a huge giant massive help, for them and also for me as the photographer.

I think Rachel and Sam ended up looking super cute, however, at some point there were doubts: Was it this truly an engagement session? or was this just an excuse to get professional pictures of the cat??? …
Judge for yourself…