Proposal at the Point - Pittsburgh

When you think about proposals, I am sure everyone thinks about a guy in one knee begging the girl to marry, right? Well, unless you are Chilean, in which case you have no idea what proposal means, because, among the many cultural differences, this one is a pretty important and different one: guys don't ask the girl to get married, engagement it's a mutual agreement, therefore there is no engagement ring to the girl, no kneeling down, and definitely no "Would you marry me", and when I got hitched, we followed the Chilean tradition so I didn't get the typical engagement deal.
So, one of the events I was always excited to witness and to photograph was a proposal.

Ray contacted me in December, ready to pop the ring on Christmas, and I was excited to say I was available, everything was ready until 24 hours later I found out I was going to Mexico, so I had to cancel on him. He was cool enough to postpone the big question until I came back.
Then when I got back he learned the post office had LOST THE RING! and we had to wait yet another week. Despite the series of unfortunate events, he finally got all his ducks in a row (including this duck over here), and no matter how freezing cold it was, the moment arrived.

I pretended to be a blogger asking couples to pose for me at the point, where Valencia and Ray were having a romantic walk. Valencia never suspected that when after my "thank you so much for your help with my blog" she was going to turn around and receive the most gorgeous Alexandrite ring I have ever seen, like seriously, jaw dropping ring, and...


Thank you Ray, for your trust, and for allowing me
to cross a proposal off my bucket list.

Valencia + Ray