Proposal+Engagement at Carnegie Museum

Kearn + Sarah

From Minneapolis to the Burgh

Kearn is what we would call, a T-Rex aficionado.

He has been in a relationship with Sarah for the past 4 years. Now, after one year of living together (AND surviving it) he decided it was time to "level up" the relationship.

He browsed through the spreadsheet where he has meticulously organized all the information regarding T-Rex's around the world, and Pittsburgh presented as the best option for the proposal. **The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has one of the finest dinosaur collections in the world, with the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex known to date. (See correction at the end of the page)
So they flew this past weekend, all the way from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh, for these two things: The T-Rex, and to "put a ring on it"...

As a man devoted to making his girl happy, Kearn determined that the best way to make Sarah happy was to lead her into "DIABETUS", so he actually proposed with a blue RING POP inside a 3D Printed T-Rex skull, along a handwritten "Certificate of budget" for Sarah to pick her own ring.

Sarah said YES! and afterward, we celebrated by giggling along with Sarah, who couldn't contain her excitement, or from licking her engagement ring. We walked around the museum and took pictures of all the fun the couple was having (Exhibit A: Sarah's face in the pictures).

I am excited for their journey to the wedding, and I hope they hire me to photograph them on their wedding day.... and maybe, I can do it wearing a T-Rex costume...  right?

Congratulations Sarah and Kearn!

Thanks to Nick for recording the proposal on my phone :)

** Tiny factual correction by Kearn: the T-Rex in Pittsburgh isn’t one of the most complete (it’s actually on the low end of that, around 10%, “Sue” in Chicago, is the most complete at around 80%), but it is the reference specimen for the species that is used to define the species (technically, the holotype - ), which according to Kearn is cooler. They can always find more complete ones, but that one will always be the original. 

Thanks for the correction Kearn!