(Not from) Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Before moving to Pittsburgh (last year), I contemplated moving to a few other cities. Miami was my first priority, The warm weather, the ocean, and the proximity with Chile (an 8 hour direct flight) It sounded pretty unbeatable.  Portland Oregon, and even NYC were also in my radar (both vegan friendly heavens for a vegan foodie like me). I had lived near Pittsburgh for 10 years and I was certain I wanted to live elsewhere. If we were gonna move, this was my perfect chance to finally say Bye Felicia to the crazy "Western PA" ..... right?

But after some visits around, it was clear that we needed to settle here in the Burgh. The land of Yinzers had something nobody else had: Here, people is REALLY nice, but really nice!.
As someone who makes a living photographing around, having cool helpful people that can cooperate while I photograph brides and grooms, it's simply priceless.

Today I read the New York Times article about Pittsburgh, and it made me think how awesome this city truly is.
It made me think of the time when I photographed Sharon and Quinn's wedding, only 2 months ago.

Their "first look" was planned to be at Market Square in "dahntahn".
I  suddenly saw there were musicians around the square, and I sent Nick (the assistant with the most luxurious curl in all the wild wild west) to ask if would they play a song for us. If this situation would've happened in my native country, the musicians would've not done this, or asked me to see at least $100 before moving a finger, but these guys were so eager! and immediately said yes! .

These cool talented guys were Sean McDonald (guitar) and Anthony Parrotta (violin). Sean is actually in a band called The Subnormals. He is guitarist and vocalist in the band. Anthony sometimes joins them for special shows, to give them an Irish feel (like for St Patrick's day shows), and I am sooooo so grateful to them. They added such a charm to our little event! and so much romanticism. It truly was the coolest thing to count with real life "troubadours" during such an important event, seriously, I felt like part of a Stars Hollow scene on Gilmore Girls. 

Oh man, I love Pittsburgh and its people!