Pittsburgh Engagement

What is your favorite Pittsburgh place?

My favorite Pittsburgh place, without a doubt, is:


It's not a mystery that I am in love of colorful displays, and Randyland has two colorful things: the house itself (an amazing display of talent and creativity), and the bright spunky, vivacious personality of his owner Randy, whom I adore.

Since the first day I set foot in that place, my heart started sunk in emotion, and I secretly wished I met the perfect couple that would allow me to photograph them there. And I did.

Say hello to:  Don & Sarah

the most AMAZING couple in the entire galaxy, and watch the highlights of their engagement photography session in this palace of color...


Thank you guys, for sharing such a beautiful fun time with me. You are truly the best I could have asked for, and I can't wait to photograph your wedding :)
And thank you Randy, for your generosity to let us use your house, but specially for allowing us to get to know you more.