Pittsburgh Cookie Table

Let me be honest, I am NOT one who is attracted to wedding traditions, because I believe that traditions conflict with our own individuality, however, there is one local tradition that really steals my heart.
If you are not from Pittsburgh, let me enlighten you: The Pittsburgh Cookie Table

In Western Pennsylvania, Every Wedding has a glorious table with cookies.

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Nobody knows where the tradition really comes from, but I am sure it is rooted with people not wanting to arrive empty handed to a party. (In my home country of Chile, for example, when you arrive at someone's house, you always bring either bread or sweets). 

I have seen all kinds of cookie tables, my favorite one was the one on Missy & Christina's wedding back in 2015.
Not only did they have beautiful cookies, but the display was simply amazing, and oh my God, there were so many! They gathered their family a month before the wedding, and everybody made a batch of cookies, right there in their kitchen. It was a moment of family fun, as well as economical, because everyone collaborated to put this together.


This cookie table thing got me thinking, and wondering more about them. So, I decided to ask around, and get input on cookie table logistics.
I gathered the following tips to share with "yinz"



from @vintagealleyrentalspgh  a local company that styles weddings and events say:

A cookie table does not have to be 50 dozen of cookies on plastic platters.  It can be fun rustic crates, old suitcases or even old drawers filled with goodies. It can be beautiful glass apothecary jars with small signs on the front of them noting the family member made a particular cookie. Jars are a nice way to showcase a family that has contributed to the table and what cookie they made.  It's all about balancing and distributing all of the cookies properly when setting up the table so that it looks even on each side - and the best part of it is - if you are too overwhelmed with the cookie table you can hire a professional to style a beautiful table for you.



from @kimberley_ashlee a gourmet catering for weddings and events


As a newcomer to Pittsburgh, the Yinzer Cookie Table is a new thing for me. It's endearing, and I can see why guests love it!
As an innovator, I am recommending to clients step out of the traditional cookies, and go with macaroons. They come in delicious flavors and such vibrant colors that can tie together event color themes.
Truffles are another favorite of mine. The ones we make are customizable, and easy one-biter, that can be packaged to double as a favor.    


from @DevotedToYouEvents  The coolest wedding planner in town

If you are already planning to do a cookie table at your wedding, you can add some to go boxes or bags and VOILA! your cookie table now becomes your wedding favor. Trust me...your guests will thank you for offering something edible as a take home token from your wedding. As much as they love you, no one needs or wants a magnet, a coaster or one glass with your photo or wedding date engraved. But they will appreciate those cookies after a long night of drinking and dancing and as a BONUS, you more than likely saved money by doubling your cookie table as the favor and were able to allocate that to somewhere more important. 


Nikki Penberg from @VeganPittsburgh an organization that encourages veganism by making it accessible among local restaurants and food vendors. www.veganpittsburgh.com

Expecting vegan guests? Don’t panic! There’s no reason for anyone to be left out when it comes to your traditions! Given the growing demand for vegan options in Pittsburgh, there are many local bakeries and caterers that can accommodate… and the sky’s the limit when it comes to vegan flavors, fillings, and textures! You could easily serve vegan cookies to all your guests, and no one would be the wiser!


As you can tell, everybody has something to say about the cookie table, but no one has said that this tradition has to end (not even me!), so keep them coming, friends, and LONG LIFE to the Pittsburgh Cookie Table!

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