Photographers Without Borders

I have lusted over Photographers Without Borders for as long as I can remember.
I have had the application open more than a few times, and then I chicken out and continue to lust.
Last time I did this was like 6 months ago, and I set myself some goals to fulfill before applying. 
Hopefully by the end of this year I will, meanwhile I continue to lust....

The other day their facebook page had a contest. I never ever join any contest because there is nothing that motivate me enough to make a click (yeah yeah, I am THAT lazy)... but this time it was Photographers Without Borders!!!

My heart raced, my thumbs were shaking, my social media eyes were watering, the butterflies in my stomach were a real deal, Oh gosh, I had to join that contest...
and so I did, and I won <3

Today I got my prize:
 Issue #5 of Photographers Without Borders.
A magazine full of life, with amazing pictures from the most various issues. From soccer, to mayans. From Tibet to Nicaragua. The magazine is eye candy for the heart, and it's more beautiful than I ever envisioned. 

Thank you friends! One day ((soon)) I will join the call. In the meantime, Thank you, super thank you, for this present. You are Da Bomb!


Interested in purchasing a magazine?
Your money supports the work of this organization, connecting charities with photographers to have a visual voice across the globe.