Museum of Ice Cream Miami Couple Session

Yesenia + Frank

I met Yesenia and Frank thanks to Jamie, during the ultra flash visit I made to Miami in Feb, to photograph Emma and Mike at Wynwood Walls

I had one, just one little day free to spend in Miami, and when I heard that the Museum of Ice Cream was still open there, I knew exactly where and how I was going to spend that one day.

Frank and Yessenia are writers, and although originally from Miami, they were relocating the following week to Pittsburgh (what a coincidence!) so having a photoshoot at this gallery of color, right before moving, to our gray beloved Burgh was the closure of a cycle, right before entering the new one, 1300 miles away from their home.

I'll be honest with you, this couple is a trooper! That museum was SOOOO HOT, and so full of people everywhere that I really don't have a clue how I pulled this off, but I am SO grateful to them.
Words can't even express how grateful I am of their patience, that day and afterward in finishing these images, but most of all, thank you for putting up with my crazy request at such a public place. 

It was a treat to my heart to have met you, and to have talked about your dreams, goals, and your advocacy to mental health and ethical fashion ♥️ 

To learn more about Frank and Yesenia, check out their insta life at @MyXXFLY