Mother's Day

I am one of those people that no matter what, always gives money to homeless people.  It doesn't matter if their breath stinks alcohol, or they are obviously high.  We only judge by what is evident, but there is so much beyond the ugly surface... 

I was born in a regular household, with a mother, a father and two siblings. My mother however, was crazy. She still is. We suspect un-diagnosed bipolar disorder with manic episodes. It was hard growing up with her, so I escaped. 

I was 15 when I landed in the streets. I was homeless for about 4 years. 

She never looked for me, she never cared that I was gone, and  I have only recently started talking about it. 

Living in the street was hard, and hiding it was also hard. But having to deal with judgement was even harder, and It is been hard for almost 20 years. 


Recently I saw this idea on facebook. To put a bag of essentials together, to give to a homeless person.  So I put my bag together, and I carry them in my car, to give someone in the streets a blessing, to make them count. 


It has taken many years to stop feeling worthless, and to stop believing the lies for years my mother told me and I believed.  Not everyone has a "happy mothers day to celebrate". To me mother's day is a date to remember from where I came, and what I have become. 


To the ones who carry their children in their heart, and even the ones who are not worth celebrated like mine.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Happy mother's day TO ALL MOms. 

PS: and don't judge.Ever. ...  Period.