Lets Celebrate our Gender!

Happy International Women's Day!  

en years ago when I arrived to America, nobody talked about Women's Day.

The first time I brought this up to my husband, he said it was a 'commie' thing, and I should not mention it again.

As the rebel that I am, as soon as he suggested to shut up, I replied with a loud NO!.... It is women's day and we are celebrating dammit! Take me out! (...and as the smart man he is, he answered with a "yes dear" and started the car.)

Nobody knew what we were celebrating, because nobody talked about it, not even facebook! :O


Fast forward ten years, now the first thing I see at midnight is a beautiful google doodle for all of us...


That's the power of our voices!

The other day we were talking, and I mentioned to him how important the acknowledgement of this day was.

See, if it wasn't for the power of protesting, women still not be able to vote, to work, to drive, to study and to so many other things that luckily in this country we are able to do and we take for granted.

All those things are the result of a request, a protest, a strike, and others demanding an action towards it. 

How important it is, that we all lift our voices together, to demand things that only us could understand.

In America: equal pay, maternity leave, healthcare, education; and in Chile/South America: Protection against femicides.


Happy Day to all of us! and you be acknowledged today, and celebrated as the beautiful and fundamental part of the society that we are!