Johnstown Fall Mini Sessions




So, I have a friend....

Her name is Baraka. She is the most kind, friendly, lovable person ever.
She is originally from Burundi, a small country in Africa, but grew up as a diplomat child, jumping from country to country due to her parent's work at the United Nations.
When she was in highschool she landed in NYC, and she has lived in America ever since.
Growing up as a nomad taught Baraka many things, like to be adaptable, to be friendly, and to enjoy other cultures. It also developed  in her a great ability for languages, and she is fluent in Spanish, French, English, Kirundi, and has some knowledge in Korean (at least she can translate food ingredients in labels, which comes handy at the asian market).

That is exactly what started our friendship. She was so happy to meet a spanish speaker that she ran towards me, and I ran back to her.... well,actually ..... In all honesty,  what I really thought was  "here we go, another gringo who wants to learn spanish with me", hahahah. 

Did you read that?
I said spanish! 

Anyways, Baraka is a pharmacist, but she is leaving everything behind to become a missionary in Papua New Guinea, the second biggest island in the world and the most diverse in terms of language, with 830 active dialects.

Baraka will be working for Wycliffe  in their efforts to serve one of the most underdeveloped countries, with a percentage of urbanization of only 13%, and to translate the Bible to the 300 ethnic groups who still don't count with any Bible translation in their language. 
She is excited to serve at the Ukarumpa Medical Clinic. This clinic provides health care services to the people of Papua New Guinea, the support staff, and the Bible translators there; and because of this, I will be supporting her missionary dream by hosting a


Fall Mini Sessions in Hooversville - PA


Step ONE: Determine if you want to participate. The date is october 23rd. Rain or Shine! (Don't worry, I have cute umbrellas!)

Step TWO: Make a donation to Baraka's fundraising page  >> HERE <<

Step THREE: With proof of donation, reserve your spot by email or text  >> | 412-330-1995) <<

*Sessions will begin at 9am until 6pm.

How Much?


2 options

Who is this for?

  • Really cool people who would like a cool picture for the Christmas season.
  • People who works well without  too much structure and prefers candid images, instead of over posed images.
  • People who like to have fun :)
  • This is particularly great for young children below 4
  • Anyone local to Johnstown, Windber, Sidman, Davidsville, Hooversville, Boswell, Somerset, Richland, Westmont, surrounding areas, and for anyone else who wants to drive there.

Who is this not for?

  • Individuals who prefer posed images
  • People who like studio pictures
  • People who is NOT fun
  • Bears (Bears are NOT welcomed. Any local bear, please abstain from showing up. Thank you very much)

Don't miss out :)

Learn more about Baraka and donate to participate :