Jamie, The body positive insta-celebrity

I met Jamie back in the fall. It was one of my Instagram suggestions, and Instagram was right.
I loved her feed and I began to follow her. 
Few months after, I realized her and I were in the same town, what a coincidence! I couldn't believe she lived right here in Pittsburgh! 
So I reached out to her and we ended up having an adventurous photography session  together.

I love Jamie and all her boldness. I feel so proud of what she has accomplished, and how she has turned her life around. From having a pre-existing condition that limited her life, to a spokesperson of the body positive movement in the insta-world.
She reminds me that it's okay to wear bright colors in the ocean of darks that floods Pittsburgh winters, but most of all, she proves the world that having a larger size than what media shows us is a beautiful thing, and I admire her for that.

Ever since then, we have become good friends, and have worked in a few projects together.

She was recently invited to collaborate with Jessa (another Pittsburgh blogger) to a blog about  Winter Olympics inspired outfits. I took those pictures and a few more, so I decided to share my favorites from that day in here, a day that started in Jamie's house and ended up in the strip district.