While you were out cuddling your significant other, I cuddled my new baby <3

I also did something else.
For a while I have been looking for an organization to whom I can donate part of the fees you pay.
Yes, you read that right.
In a world of greed where every other every photographer's goal is to get more customers and make more money, as a supporter of ethical consumerism, Sandrachile wants to make more money to impact others in need.

In previous years, I have contributed to the Humane Society and Rabbit Wranglers, and a few other animal related organizations, but this year as I have decided to photograph more weddings and couples, I have chosen a more adequate organization instead.

Every time you book a service with me, a percentage of the fees you pay is going to benefit:

Too young to wed

an international organization spreading awareness about the issue of Child Marriage, an ancient abusive tradition where little girls as young as 4 years old are "sold" into marriage to men that could easily be their grandparents.

Because I believe every women deserves an education, and every child deserves childhood, I will donate 1 percent to them.

Thank you for supporting Sandrachile, and through us, supporting causes like this one.
Learn more about the organization by visiting their webiste.