Home Sweet Home, engagement session | Pittsburgh PA

 Victoria + Josh


Victoria was living a pretty stagnant life in a small college town outside of Pittsburgh. She promised herself that if something amazing didn't happen within a year, she was quitting her job(s) and moving to the city.

A year went by and not much happened, so she fulfilled her own promise and moved to the Burgh.

When she got to Pittsburgh, she was underwhelmed by her first experiences, so he joined meetup dot com, Tinder, and various other Facebook groups, in hopes of meeting new people with fresh perspectives.

About a month in, her and Josh matched on Tinder.

He messaged first and was very clearly in love with the city he grew up in.

He offered up suggestions for places to go, food to eat, transportation tips, and eventually, they decided to meet up at a local hot dog shop.

Two (very) strong beers and a bratwurst later, it was the best "first date" both of them ever had.

After that that initial date, a handful more came along and it quickly transitioned into   more.

They moved in together after four months and became dog parents after six.

This past April, things got a little twist when they bought their first home together (hashtag adulting!).

Josh finally proposed to her in October, right at home.

Because home is such an important element in their lives, I suggested we did their session there.

Often times engagement sessions take place outside, but I am a firm believer that it is always better to stay home :)