How To Propose Like A Champ

1- Decide your style of proposal.

Elaborate: Plan a special surprise for your partner, something where the focus is on the experience as a whole, rather than the question in itself.

Simple: Just kneel down and pop the question

2- If you decided for the second option, this would be a good opportunity to hire a wedding planner.

Yes! They handle proposals too!

If instead, you are going with the first option, this would be a good time to bring along a good friend of your partner, and one of your friend's for support.

3- If you are proposing with a ring, at this point it's the time to buy it.
Rings can take weeks, if not months to get ready. The proposal date will be affected by this deadline.
Also, if you are aiming for a diamond, make sure you don't purchase a Blood Diamond but research ethical options instead.

(Do Amore for example, builds a well for every ring sold)


4- Not everyone proposes with a ring. Some people propose with puppies (yes, puppies!), tattoos (like the quote Phoebe and Brett got on their arm, Certificates, and even ring pops.
Don't be afraid to try something outside of the books.


Sarah received a ring pop and a certificate of budget


5- If you are on the traditional side, then it's time to go talk to the family. Either dad, mom or both (or another relative, like grandparents), and always always, start with

" I love your [daughter/son/] [and then you add that you want to marry him/her] ...."

If you are a male proposing to a female, here are some tips to ask the father respectfully 

6- Once you have the ring in hand, and the parent(s) approval, set the date for the big question.

7- It’s time to get in touch with a photographer.
Any wedding photographer will photograph a proposal. Find one that is eager to help you, and to "play along" with you.

But puhleeeeease make sure you hire a pro!

8- Capturing the moment on video is an amazing way to relieve the moment, so if your budget allows it, hire someone. I promise, you will not regret it.

9- Once the moment arrives, relax, breath in and don’t allow your nerves to take control. Sometimes the journey is as important as the destination, and proposing would be one of these times. Take your time, be intentional in your words, and do what comes from your heart.

10- And finally: Ask your closest family and/or friends to come meet you after proposing, there will be nothing better than sharing the joy with them while showing off a ring (if any) all together.


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