Wedding at the Hayloft, in Rockwood PA

Sometimes, you find your soulmate, and you get married. Some other times, you meet your soulmate, then you go on with your life, you marry other people, you have babies, the babies grow up, you get divorced, sometimes more than once.... and then you find your soulmate again and realize you are done wasting your life away.

This is what happened to Ruth and Chris. They met over 20 years ago in high school, they even had crushes on each other, but it never went any farther.

I met Ruth a long time ago. She is a saint. I know this because the poor thing was my supervisor back when I had a job aside from photography. 
She is sweet, compassionate, smart, and her smile can melt your heart.

After some dirty paths, her and Chris reunited, both with grown up kids and both single. It was time to recover all the lost time and commit to each other knowing they were soul mates.

In a simple but emotional ceremony, we laughed, and we cried, both in the same split second, and we celebrated in a simple way what weddings are all about: Love.

Congratulations to this very dear couple. It was an honor to share such a special moment with you.
Love you both.  


Venue: The Hayloft, Rockwood PA
Hair and Makeup: Tiffani Edwards
His band: Rob and Lean 
Her ring: DC Goldsmithing
Dress: Izi Dress

Take a look at Ruth and Chris engagement pictures HERE