Its pretty simple. First we gave thanks, then we shopped like maniacs and now is time to give.

Every year I encourage people to give out, and after careful thinking I decided to invite you to collaborate with

Mary Cvetan and the Western PA Humane Society.

Mary will sleep in the concrete floor with the bunnies in order to raise awareness and money to buy the bunnies new cages.

read the details of when, why and how: HERE

so if you could spare $5, $10, $20 or more and contribute to Mary, I will love you forever.

But WAIT! that is not all!  (keep reading)

as a token of my gratitude, I will send you a print of one of my favorite pictures ever. One I took at 5am in the Bolivian mountains, where the cold was so penetrating that I thought i was gonna die and wished I had like 300 more layers of clothing, but I stayed just to photograph the flamingos having their breakfast.

ONLY If you donate to this CAUSE in the next 24 hours,

One last thing: I have no way to track this, So I came up with the brilliant idea to have you write "SANDRACHILE" in the comment box of the donation, so I can track who is there donating because of me.
Now, If you wanna go the extra mile, fill the info below so I can send you the print :D
(ps: regardless of where in the world you are!)

Address *
Here is where I will send the print.

Gracias! <3 and don't forget to SHARE this please!!!


For those who don't know me. I am a photographer who loves bunnies, was born in Chile and lives in Pittsburgh PA.