Geek Engagement - Strip District Pittsburgh

Sharon and Quinn

Cool Facts:

  • For the proposal, Quinn spent weeks hand crafting a replica of a box from the game Portal.
  • The engagement ring is a montana sapphire, ethically obtained and custom made.
  • The session was done in two separate days. The first day was the first snow of the season in the Burgh.
  • They love cold weather. The photographer, not so much, lol.
  • I can't wait to photograph their wedding in february, which will be inspired by the video games that they played all along.

Some people meet their significant others at work. Others meet their other half in college. There are some other like me, who simply cross path unexpectedly, and sometimes there are people who like video games and meet the love of their life online.
That's the story of Sharon and Quinn, this professional couple who knows everything about video games, comics, super heroes, and cool geek stuff like that.

This couple's relationship began to flourish in none other than our Strip District, and it's why they chose this location for their engagement session.