My Favorite Engagement, in Lawrenceville - Pittsburgh

Adriana + Sam

Adriana and Sam are an incredibly smart couple. I’m sure in a few years I will not be shocked to find their names in some fancy magazine or in the New York Times.

Adriana is a multi-talented scientist from Boston, and Sam is a warm and mellow, recently graduated, social worker from Long Island.

They met during their first week in college and have been together ever since [insert my awwwws right here].

When it comes to pre-wedding photo sessions, I am the one who usually picks the location of the session, and I do it by choosing an area that I think it’s most representative of the couple’s relationship and personality. But for Adriana and Sam, it was different. They decided to take me to their favorite spot instead.

I would have never guessed that this amazing spot was right in Lawrenceville and despite having to cancel on three occasions because of Pittsburgh’s unpredictable weather, we finally managed to catch a gorgeous sunset.

This is one of my most favorite sessions. Not only did it take me out of my comfort zone and push me to work past my fear of heights, but it shows Sam and Adriana’s playful and adventurous relationship in every one of the pictures :)