In Home Family Session Pittsburgh

Sara + Jared + Julian


One of the best things photographing weddings has given to me is the relationships with the wedding professionals who make every wedding happen.
Sara is one of them. She is the fantastic coordinator at Clear Story Studio, a modern venue in Pittsburgh's South Side, where I have been lucky to work a couple of times.

Sara has seen me work making couples smile, coordinating cranky relatives unwilling to pose for a family picture, stuff my face with food and then marathon run to take more pictures, dance alongside grandmas just for the sake of the picture, and arrange leftovers for homeless at the end of the wedding despite being super tired.
Maybe this is why, now that she has a baby, she thought I would be a good candidate to take her family pictures, after all, nothing compares more to a baby than a drunk uncle at a wedding, right?... lol. 

What she did not know is, that when I became a photographer, my first area of work was families. She was also unaware that I had completely stopped photographing families and specialized in couples instead. And she also did not know that I had been thinking about going back to family photography, because it gives a break to my mind and it makes me feel refreshed. 

So when she asked me to photograph her firstborn, Julian, I said yes, with the biggest smile on my face.

I am so excited to share these pictures with you. Julian was such a cute baby. So tiny, yet so awake and smart. As someone who is never around babies, it was really enriching to be able to witness this mini human react to his environment, his parents, Ira the cat, and my camera in his face.

Thanks Sara and Jared for allowing me to come into your house. I hope this was as fun for you as it was for me. 

PS: Happy Mother's Day Sara :)