Ethical Badass Wedding in Pittsburgh

Phoebe + Brett

Phoebe and Brett are simply the coolest most amazing couple ever. 
Their relationship was born among pool, books, bars, and NYC.
Years later they decided to embrace Pittsburgh as their new town, and Lawrenceville as their new home.

This was one of the multiple reasons they decided to have their wedding there, because this couple understands what consumer power means, and leaving their wedding money where they live was a priority for them.

Their wedding day was a fun chain of offbeat events and traditions meaningful to them.

  • From Brett's kilt representing his heritage.
  • Phoebe's dress made with a handmade tartan brought from Scotland, that matched the groom's kilt.
  • The parade they had, encouraging everyone to walk from the ceremony venue to the reception site.
  • The "first pool game", as a husband and wife.
  • The wedding ceremony, celebrated under the Quaker tradition, which means it was self uniting, and electronics were not allowed, so we had to photograph the event from far away in a non-intrusive way.
  • The vinyl DJ that made us all dance.
  • The mother & daughter line dance, and a bridal swing dance equally energetic and fun.
  • The cider that replaced any champagne.
  • The ice cream bar instead of traditional cake.
  • The custom perfumes, choosen especially for their wedding day.
  • Everything was carefully put together with an equal love for one another and for those who participated with them that day.

Most importantly, their wedding was among the most ethical ones I've had:

  • In order to remain eco friendly as possible, Phoebe and Brett hired an Eco- friendly stylist who included upcycled and vintage decorations along with CSA flowers. 
  • They intentionally supported local businesses, that were women-owned (see the list at the bottom)
  • They reduced carbon footprint by offering a mostly vegan/vegetarian catering and donating the leftover food to homeless people.
  • Their wardrobe was ethically sourced and partially vintage.
  • The tartan for the bride’s dress was hand woven by a Scottish artisan.
  • Their invitations and RSVP’s were online, and they registered for a charitable wedding registry.

This day was pure magic, and proves again that it is entirely possible to produce social change while having the best day of your life.

[If you don't believe me, just scroll down]

(I am NOT a videographer, but I couldn't resist the urge to record a little bit of the amazing dance)

Photography by Sandrachile assisted by Jenni Grace
Ceremony venue: Arsenal Cider House and Wine Cellar
Reception Venue: Spirit
Wedding coordination by Devoted To You Events
Wedding dress: Custom made by local artist Anthony Sirk
Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
Groom's-wear by Quality Kilts
Wedding stylist and florals by greenSinner
Lighting by Ever Forward Lighting
DJ by DJ Deesus
Catering by Bistro to Go
Ice cream (instead of cake) by Millie's Homemade Ice Cream
Linens by All Occasions
Favors by Dan Wyke and Jackie Walker
Make Up by The Gilded Girl
Hair by Kat Mareino Metamorphosis Salon & Day Spa
Wedding rings by Paul Michael Design
Groom's Watch by Vincero Collective
Bride’s jewelry by Studebaker Metals
Brides' perfume Penhaligon's London
Groom's perfume Burning Barbershop
Calligraphy was made by the mother of the bride.