Ethical is the new black

My first attempt to photography (ever) was not behind the camera but in a dark room instead.

Yes, I was in love of pictures but from a different perspective. There was something captivating about developing.
I enjoyed the surprise factor and also the vintage look of the film.

I owned several film cameras, I particularly liked Lomography, and when I started Sandrachile Photography I thought about the possibility of offering a new trendy service called "hybrid" where you deliver a mix of film and digital images, until I remembered cows and pigs.

I love pigs, as a Millennial who grew up watching The Muppet Show, I can't separate pigs from thinking about Miss Piggy, and from there realizing that all animals are just tiny humans that cannot talk but have exactly the same brain and charm.

But why am I talking about pigs and film photography!?


Well, Film uses gelatin and gelatin comes from cows, pigs and chickens.

As a vegan photographer, I try my hardest to maintain my passion and job ethical, without harming anybody. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that the prints I offer are hurting cute innocent animals :(

That is why I offer an entire product line of carefully curated sustainable items. 
I achieve the film look through software manipulation (probably harder than real film development), and I keep myself away from photographic paper offering beautiful bamboo and cotton Lokta papers instead, and I do not sell any mass produced items, everything is fair trade and/or home made.

So, the next time you wanna look hipster, carrying your polaroid attached to your neck, remember there are cow feet in each one of your tiny prints.

Choose Sandrachile Photography for your wedding and family photography needs and make a stand for sustainability an ethical life, for the planet, for the animals and for your soul.

Sandrachile:: Pittsburgh wedding photographer, animal welfare activist, ethical consumer, and overall hero of injustices of the world.