Environmental Center Engagement | Pittsburgh

After being a vegetarian for around 15 years, 4 years ago I decided to transition into a new way of ethical living which involved getting out of my comfortable vegetarian lifestyle and into a more radical one by embracing veganism. 
Ever since, I have used this platform to make a stand against animal cruelty.

The first decision was in regards to my product line. Bye bye to leather albums, a huge statement in the photographic industry.
Later on, I found out traditional prints contained animal gelatin, so I made sure to find an alternative route for that as well, and little by little, I made this my soapbox. The only thing missing was a vegan couple, well, it finally came.

Terry and Kelly hired me for their upcoming eco friendly wedding at the Environmental Center, in Pittsburgh. (Imagine me right now, jumping up and down, I'm so excited!).

So, although this spring has been colder than others, we took a leap of faith and Pittsburgh delivered.
We had ONE day of warmth and we used it for their Pre Wedding Photo Session.

Kelly is breathtakingly beautiful, and SO! talented. She wore clothes that she made herself (#goals!). 
Terry on the other hand, is smart, kind, and makes Kelly laugh, which in my book is the key to a successful marriage. 

I am super excited and grateful to have been chosen as their photographer, but even more excited to share these pictures with you...