Pre Wedding session Bethlehem PA

Rachael + Matt

I met Rachael last year, at Megan and Cody's wedding. 
Fast forward to almost a year later... Rachael got engaged to Matt (yay!) and we decided to celebrate their engagement with a pre wedding photo session in the historic area of Bethlehem PA.

I had never been there before, but it was a small little town with cute streets and a rich colonial/industrial history.

Rachael had mentioned that she was looking to have a "book" theme for her wedding, so before we met I asked her to tell me what word defined their relationship the best. She took a few days to answer me but finally said “Embrace”.
“At the end of our first date I gave Matt a hug and he said that’s when he knew this would be something special. Plus we have very different backgrounds but we’ve been able to embrace each other’s views.”

I wanted to do something special that they could incorporate into this “book” theme. I normally don’t use props, but I thought it would be cute to bring something they could incorporate later on at their wedding.

So I asked my friend Sasha from Smitten Paper Co to help me create something with their love story, and Sasha who is not only talented but super creative, came up with the perfect prop, a book cover for them.

The morning of the session we took pictures in front of the Bethlehem Hotel (thanks to their staff for moving their cars just so I could take a picture) and then we walked a few steps behind, by the most historic part of town. We finished the session with coffee and bagels, perfectly timed before it poured on us :)

PS: Special thanks to past bride Tammy, who heard I was looking for a hotel in Bethlehem and generously offered me her apartment there. How awesome are my couples! <3